Weekly Team Commissions

The graph below is based on MyVideoTalk Business Builder Package (180 WSV) for this illustration:

In this phase of your business you earn weekly commissions on your growing team. This is where the comp plan starts to get really exciting.

Once you achieve title of Team builder you are eligible to earn weekly team commissions. With the Global Rewards Commission Plan you only need to build 2 sales teams to benefit from the weekly bonuses. Each time your team generates sales volume of 720 WSV (weekly sales volume) on left or right sales team and 360 WSV on the other team, regardless of which team has the greater or lesser volume; you will earn a commission cycle. Each time this happens, you will receive $100 in team commissions plus up to an additional $50 global rewards check match bonus (see number 5).

Each day, our computer searches your team legs for volume that has accumulated as a result of product sales.

Representatives can earn up to $150 every time they create 720 WSV/360 WSV earning up to $5000 per day to reach a potential maximum of $35,000 per week.